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Masonville Vessel Berth | Baltimore, MD

Masonville Marine terminal is a state of the art facility that consists of nearly 50 acres, the specialization of the terminal is to handle the importing, exporting and processing of automobiles. Six original test piles were driven with the ICE I-100 diesel hammer. When testing conclusions were made for the pile design to allow for higher allowable tensile stresses, the hammer was switched out for the ICE I-80. The ICE I-100 was too much hammer for the job. Some additional test piles were driven to establish the production of pile driving criteria and were monitored with both PDA and EDC techniques. The I-80 drove the rest of the pile without any complications or issues. Subsurface soil composition of hard packed clay, sand and a lot of cobbles eliminated any possibility of moving forward without any pre-drilling. ICE provided the ICE HS-75 drill and power unit. A custom made bit and jet was used primarily to break up this layer, the drill was operated in the torque mode and had no problems with bogging down. Corman Marine Construction has been dredging and constructing a new wharf and Ro-Ro ramp at the Masonville Marine terminal. Start date of construction was June 11th 2012 and is expected to be completed in July of 2014. Dredging will be performed by the dredge CMC-2400. The dredge will monitor VHF-Fm channels 13 and 16.