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Drilling in the Swamp | Sanderson, FL

Superior Construction, based out of Jacksonville, FL, is using an ICE HS-50 Auger for a bridge replacement project. The project is named 229 and is happening over South Prong Swamp. Materials being driven are concrete poles 35 ft deep and driving the remainder of the piles driven with a diesel impact hammer. Using the HS-50 flighting and leads to place 100 concrete piles, the bridge is estimated to be completed by November of 2013. Once complete, Superior Construction will need to tie in the new roadways that connect to the bridge and also switching the traffic flows to the new structure. Once performed they will remove all temporary structures and have a finished bridge with traffic flowing by January of 2014. Superior Construction was awarded the 1.8 million dollar project for their long standing experience with road and bridge construction. Since 1938 Superior Construction has consistently delivered on time and on budget for heavy construction projects to industrial, municipal, state and federal clients.