April 2021

Mike Douglas began his career as an engineer with ICE®, working for Tony Last, over 20 years ago. 

Douglas is a team member, engineer, and colleague.  After earning his master's degree in mechanical engineering, Douglas was brought on board to fill a full-time staff engineering role in 2000.

In the beginning of Douglas' career, ICE® manufacturing was occurring at our partner facilities in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area.  However, Mike recalls in late 2000, ICE® shifted gears and committed to performing all manufacturing in the Matthews, NC facility to increase quality and maintain consistent production, parts, and testing. Douglas's major job focus during this shift was in optimizing ICE®'s manufacturing by enabling solutions that entail similar and universal part replacements. 

Using standardized parts, Douglas has lowered costs to our customers while impacting service efficiencies.  ICE® took the next steps after moving manufacturing, Mike Douglas recalls, to adding a machine shop, further enhancing our parts quality and customization abilities. "It is much easier to talk to the team face to face by walking next door to the machine shop facility." Explains Mike Douglas. 

Over the course of Douglas' career, he has contributed to our ingenuity by working with suppliers, ICE® team innovation leaders and clients to produce more efficient and effective tools to the deep foundation industry.  "Our team is the key factor in what differentiates us from our competitors and is central to our advancement." Explains Douglas. 

In his free time, Douglas enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two children. He has also been working on building his retirement home in Pennsylvania.  

Douglas is truly an asset to the ICE® team.  

Congratulations on your 20-years!

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