April 2021

Tony Graham joined our team over 20 years ago, with a sister company called GTA and then transitioned to ICE® after deciding working as a wick installation contractor wasn't what he really wanted to do. Graham practically grew up in the pile driving industry, at 17 years old, he was attending high school and had a part-time job working with pile driving equipment. Early in his ICE® professional career, Tony Graham was recognized as a hard worker and natural talent when servicing all of our innovative deep foundation equipment from drills, impacts, vibratory pile hammers to excavators and cranes.  Through the years, Tony Graham continued to grow and train fellow team members as he naturally developed into the role of Production & Regional Service Manager. 

Tony Graham is truly a team player.  He understands the importance of getting to know each of his team members so he can develop and transition each person into a fully integral team member.  His ability to encourage his team's growth and success, makes Tony a strong leader.  Graham understands the value of listening to the needs of others and establishes trust with candor, transparency, and credit.  "Tony Graham's absolutely best trait is his uncanny ability to take constructive criticism in a super positive light; and by the next day, have rolled out a new process showing constant improvement while keeping everyone involved up to speed." Explains Christian Cunningham, ICE® CEO, "We have some really key players in our company and Tony Graham is 100% one of those team players.  Thank you for your time, Tony, and your 20-years of service with our family." 

The one thing I am striving for right now, is to have a strong cross-trained team and making sure we have no weak links.  It is overly important to offer training giving all our team room for personal growth while encouraging each other it is important for all of us.   

In his spare time, Tony enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time outdoors BBQing with his family.   

"Tony Graham has made outstanding contributions to the success of our production and service operations over the course of his tenure.  He is truly indispensable, and an extremely valuable member of the ICE® team.", explains Rob Hensley, Manager of Product Development Services 

Congratulations on your 20-years! 

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