Pile Driving

Diesel Impact Hammers (I-series)


Ram weight
11355 lbs
Rated energy (fuel setting 4)
134100 ft-lbs
Stroke at rated energy (fuel setting 4)
11.81 feet
Energy at fuel setting 3
119200 ft-lbs
Energy at fuel setting 2
108025 ft-lbs
Energy at fuel setting 1
96850 ft-lbs
Energy at maximum stroke
161800 ft-lbs
Maximum geometric stroke
14.25 feet
Blows per minute
Bare hammer with trip
25420 lbs
Hammer with box lead guides
27700 lbs
Drive cap base
Drive cap base weight
1670 lbs
Striker plate
845 lbs
Cushion material
134 lbs
Pile insert
Pile insert weight
1260 lbs
Operating weight with drive cap above
31609 lbs
Fuel tank
23.2 gal
Lube oil tank
4.5 gal
Hammer length (L)
18.3 feet
Length with trip guides (GL)
23.4 feet
Length at max. stroke (OL)
24.8 feet
Overall width (W)
37.5 in
Standard box leads width (LW)
32 in
Overall depth
44.3 in
Centerline to rear (CR)
25.3 in
Centerline to front (CF)
18.9 in
Category Sizing
10,100 lbs - 20,000 lbs