When: 2/2/2021 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Where: On-line Web Series

Cone Penetration Testing and Pile Driving: A great combination
Gerald Verbeek, Technical Advisor CPT, Eijkelkamp North America
Derrick Dasenbrock, P.E., D.GE, F. ASCE, Geotechnical Engineer, FHWA Resource Center

This webinar will provide an introduction to Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) for site investigations, how the test results can be used to plan, monitor and check pile driving activities, and will provide examples how this was put into practice in Minnesota.  Presenters will reference the MnDOT's CPT Design Guide, which provides very detailed guidance how the CPT results can be used to design deep foundations.

The objectives of the webinar are:
•    to provide a basic understanding of Cone Penetration Testing as a site investigation method;
•    to show how the test data can be used in the planning and execution of pile driving;
•    to illustrate these aspects with examples from MnDOT to demonstrate that CPT and the use of the test data is not just theory, but can be applied immediately throughout the USA. 

This course is designed for Contractors, Geotechnical Engineers and Structural Engineers, Architects, Owners, Inspectors, Supervisors & Crew; anyone affected by and /or involved with driven piles.

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