Congratulations! PDCA 2021 Project of the Year Winner

Editor: Ashley Steele The US 21 Bridge in Beaufort County, South Carolina was built under the New Deal Program set up by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1940's.  The swing-span bridge was built to put people to work during the Great Depression.  It is the only vehicular connection between the mainland of South Carolina and Harbor Island, Fripp Island, and Hunting Island.  However, the bridge had many safety concerns as well as rising maintenance costs. The United Infrastruc ... Read more

Trading Up

Editor: Ashley Steele  Mumford and Miller had been using an ICE® 612 Vibratory Driver/Extractor for over 30 years.  When the company, based out of Middletown, Delaware, won the bid to replace the Garrison boat ramp they decided it was time to trade up for something newer and stronger.  The job in Dover, Delaware is part of a larger project to refresh and reconstruct the area on the Garrisons Lake.  It will include a new boat ramp, installation of a courte ... Read more

Installing Earthquake Drains

Editor:  Ashley Steele  The Clements Ferry Road Phase 2 widening project is designed to help create a safer and more efficient roadway in Charleston, South Carolina.  The project will widen the highway from 2 to 4 lanes with a multi-use path and a planted interior median.  The $44 Million dollar project will assist over 14,000 commuters a day who use this route.  Before any of the road or bridge work can be completed, the foundation work must be laid, including ear ... Read more

Repairing Eroded Retaining Walls in Ohio 

Editor: Ashley Steele  The retaining wall on Madison Avenue in Lake County, Ohio was a victim of erosion and sinkage.  The guardrail, curb, and even a portion of the roadway had sunk into the sloped embankment that dropped off into the Grand River below.  The road was closed for public safety on April 17, 2020.  During this time, the more than 20,000 residents of Painesville Township had to re-route their daily routines.  In order to re-open the ... Read more

Rebuilding Dams after Historic Flooding

Editor:  Ashley Steele  On May 17, 2020, rain started falling in Arenac County, Michigan and it did not stop. The National Weather Service reported that over 4 inches of rain fell in just 48 hours. This record rainfall caused the collapse of two different dam structures in the area, Edenville Dam and Sanford Dam. Over a year later Arenac County is still trying to rebuild from the "Muddy Flooding" of 2020.  Michigan DOT will be spending $4.2 ... Read more

Driven Pile for Private Boat Ramp

Private Residence Utilizes Driven Pile for Boat Ramp Editor: Ashley Steele  Mumford and Miller Concrete, Inc have been servicing both commercial and residential clients for the last 40 years. When the time came to install a river boat ramp for a residential customer with 5 acres of land, they called ICE® to help get the job done. Using an ICE® 216 Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor they were able to drive 25' vinyl piles, sometimes in pairs, into the riverbe ... Read more

Driving Pile in Tight Spaces

Moving Through Open Doors with an ICE EM-30 Mast Editor: Ashley Steele Nucor Steel is expanding. The company is adding a tube mill right next to their Gallatin shop in Ghent, Kentucky. This $164 million dollar expansion, which is expected to be completed in 2023, will bring over 70 new jobs to the area. Nucor Gallatin plant, which currently produces steel products, is adding the tubing mill due to its proximity to expanding solar markets. Th ... Read more

Vibration Isolation at Historic Park

Dampening the Vibrations at Historic Laurel Hill Park Editor: Ashley Steele  The dock inside the Laurel Hill Park was unstable due to deteriorating wood pilings.  This dock is used by visitors to kayak and enjoy entry into the Hackensack River in Hudson County, New Jersey.  Laurel Hill Park is considered the "ideal open space in Hudson County's portion of the Meadowlands."  T. R. Weniger, Inc. took on the job of replacing the damaged pil ... Read more

Seawall Replacement for Future Protection

Aging Seawall Repair Helps Protect New Jersey From Future Storms Editor: Ashley Steele  When Hurricane Sandy moved through the United States in 2012 it was the deadliest and most destructive of the decade.  Many residents in the Northeast felt major effects from this storm. Damages were estimated at $70 million in New Jersey alone. Seawalls can help to prevent major damages to coastal ports and towns.  In such an event as a hurricane, seawa ... Read more

New Housing Development Drainage System

ICE® 28 Vibratory Hammer Used to Improve Drainage For New Housing Development Editor: Ashley Steele  ICE® 28 vibratory driving 35' long PZ27 piles for a storm draining culvert to protect new housing development in Bridgeville, Delaware.  Job was completed before deadlines using both an ICE® 28 Vibratory Hammer and an ICE ® Excavator Mounted 6E Vibratory Hammer.  Zack's Excavating Inc. was using an ICE® 28 Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor to install storm drainage for ... Read more