44VM Promotes Safer Petroleum

The Perth Amboy Refinery was built in 1920 by the Barber Asphalt Company. Located between Convery Boulevard and State Street in Perth Amboy, NJ, the refinery contains over 100 years of history. In 1945, Chevron Corporation bought the plant from Barber Asphalt and started producing more products such as gasoline and heating oil.  For the next 29 years Chevron would continue to expand and ended up with a refining capacity of 80,000 barrels in 2008. Chevron sold its operations to Buckeye Partners, who still own it and produce multiple petroleum products. 

Buckeye Partners just completed some dock repairs which were completed by K-T Marine, Inc. K-T Marine, Inc. was founded in 1978 and performs large contract work and routine maintenance dock building for terminals, marinas and other waterfront property owners throughout New Jersey, New York, and eastern Pennsylvania. The dock repair required some 50'(ft) H- Beams and pipe piles to be driven into the bedrock to create a safer and more secure dock. K-T Marine partnered with International Construction Equipment, Inc. (ICE®) using a rented ICE® 44VM Variable Moment Hammer to get this job completed. The ICE®44VM model was needed due to the sensitive surroundings and features of the dock. It includes a 4,070 pound (about 1846.12 kg) non vibrating weight which reduces the vibration as piles are being inserted into the ground. K-T Marine made a fantastic selection of equipment based on the susceptible environment. ICE®44VM passed all the tests of the vibration monitors and did a great job repairing the dock. 

The oil and gas industry plays an influential role in the global economy as the world's primary fuel sources. Thanks to KT- Marine, Buckeye Partners can continue producing petroleum products that serve the globe more safely. International Construction Equipment, Inc. (ICE®) are very pleased to have been part of this dock repair and look forward to working again with K-T Marine, Inc. in the future. 

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