I-495/ I-90 Improvements Project- Part 2

The Interstate 495 (I-495) at Interstate 90 (I-90) interchange in Massachusetts is one of the state's busiest roadway junctions. Currently, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MASSDOT) is in a five-year project to revamp the area including Mass Pike and Interstate 495 interchanges. First responders and local business advocates are excited for the potential benefits, as this $400 million project is the largest in the state and will replace all the ramps on the interchange, reducing crashes, travel time and traffic. This project also brings some challenges. The roadways are in an extremely sensitive environment, including an Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) and rare species habitat. This means that while crews are improving the safety of the interchange, they also must be cautious not to negatively affect the resources surrounding it. 

J.F. White, a multi-disciplined contractor, with strengths in heavy/civil, design/build, electrical, mechanical, and deep foundation systems, has been working closely with environmental groups on the interchange proposal to assure success with minimum disruption to the local habitats. To complete this delicate foundation work for the Mass Pike, J.F White wisely chose to partner with International Construction Equipment, Inc (ICE®) for their equipment needs. Several pieces of pile driving equipment are being used, including an ICE® IP-7 Hydraulic Impact Hammer paired with an ICE® 48 Off-Shore Leader, two ICE® 44E Vibratory Hammers, an ICE® 28D Vibratory Hammer, and an ICE® I-46 Diesel Impact Hammer. With all the powerful pile driving equipment on hand, this project has continued to remain on time and on budget, along with maintaining environmental standards. Soon, due to the diligent work of the J.F. White crews, the interchange that serves on an average day, over 100,000 vehicles and 75,000 thousand will be able to keep up with the high volume of traffic due for an upgrade for years.  

The updated Mass Pike is scheduled to be completed in 2027. J.F. White has done an excellent job staying on pace with this project so that Massachusettsans can commute safely and effectively. International Construction Equipment, Inc (ICE®) has genuinely enjoyed being a part of such a large state project and is looking forward to working on this and many more with J.F. White in the future. Awesome work J.F. White!  

Learn more about the ICE® 28D , ICE® 44E , ICE® IP7, & ICE® I-46  


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