Every project presents our customers with its own unique job challenges. Since our beginning in 1974, International Construction Equipment®, Inc (ICE®) has become the world's most recognizable, sought after and desired equipment by providing a full spectrum of high performance equipment and seasoned service professionals to enable our customers to remain versatile and productive.

As the World's One-Stop Foundation Shop®, International Construction Equipment, Inc. is the leading international manufacturer and distributor of vibratory drivers and extractors, diesel hammers, hydraulic hammers, excavator-mounted rotary heads and hammers, large and small-bore drill tooling (including EDME Kelly Bars), limited access drills, Comacchio drills, and other deep foundation equipment.

We handle both sales and rental agreements for all of our innovative products in order to boost your efficiency and make you more competitive in today's market.

Retain ICE for your next deep foundation project and experience the difference that our high performance equipment has on your bottom-line.