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ICE 8E Drives Though Permafrost | Alaska

8E Driven through permafrost The need to drive 40ft beams through a frozen solid block of permafrost resulted in a custom fabricated longer extension. International Construction Equipment, Inc. (ICE) came to the rescue with customized service; by customizing a built extension to use on the ICE 8E Excavator Mounted Hammer. This extension was coupled to work with other equipment as well for versatility. About the ICE 8E Excavator-Mounted Hydraulic Vibratory Driver/Extractor: High speed (2500 vpm) and high driving force (72 tons, 620 kN) for maximum production. Crowd with 29 tons (238 kN) of force for highest driving rates. The excavator bucket circuit provides all hydraulic requirements. The gear case design provides maximum vibrator speed and light weight. Clamps available for single & double sheet piling, H-Beams, caissons to 4' (1220 mm), timber, concrete and pipe piles. Optional gooseneck available for longer piles and greater reach. Drives and extracts H-Beams, sheet piles, trench plates, pipe piles, guardrail posts and more. 360 degree swivel allows approach to task from any direction. Adaptable for underwater operation.