WHO IS ICE® - International Construction Equipment, Inc

April 2019

In 1974, ICE®, International Construction Equipment, Inc, opened its doors and began to develop and manufacture market advanced pile driving equipment and lead systems for the deep foundation industry.  As the ICE® family of products and team expanded so did the global necessity to expand operations.  As a leader in the deep foundation industry, the ICE® family is proud to still be engineering, machining and manufacturing pile driving and drilling equipment in the USA and shipping to our global partners.  The ICE® team is also overly appreciative and humbled by our partners, distributors, branches and suppliers for the outstanding job and service they offer to our clients.   

Every project presents our clients with its own unique job challenges.  But adversity in these challenges has always been overcome with the talent and experience our ICE® team brings to the job and to the client.  Our ICE® team members have an average tenure of 20+ years and are well versed in your foundation equipment needs.  As times change and the job requirements get more complex, ICE® has been there in the forefront of innovation by providing guidance not only to the client but to the industry by expanding our team with current resident experts, reviewing industry trends and moving with the times.  

It has taken many years, many friends and partners and a loyal team (and not so loyal) to become the world's most recognizable, sought after and desired equipment manufacturer.  It is the innovation and conservative direction taken that allows the ICE® team a first class ticket in the global equipment manufacturing market while continuing to be rooted as a family owned USA company.  

ICE® will continue to provide a full spectrum of high-performance equipment and seasoned service professionals to enable our customers to remain versatile and productive. 
As the World's One-Stop Foundation Shop, ICE® is the leading international manufacturer and distributor of
ICE® vibratory drivers and extractors
ICE® diesel hammers
ICE® Pilemer hydraulic hammers
ICE® excavator-mounted rotary heads and hammers
ICE® Drill and Piling Mast
Comacchio large and small-bore drill rigs
EDME Kelly Bars
ICE® limited access drills
ICE® vibration suppression solutions
More ICE® deep foundation equipment

ICE® handles both sales and rental agreements for all of our innovative products in order to boost efficiency and make you more competitive in today's market. 
Let our ICE® team and ICE® partners supply the equipment for your next foundation project and experience the difference our team can make for you and your bottom-line.