April 2021

Rick Sadler is a valuable team member, trainer, innovator, and friend to all that know him. We are thankful and proud of his service within the ICE® New Jersey Service, Sales & Rentals Branch for over 20 years.  

"Since I was 10 years old and was allowed to ride the crane hook from the bridge to the barge, I knew, I would work in the pile driving industry." Explains Sadler. "There was never a dull moment shadowing with my dad. He knew how to make visiting his client's exciting for a young boy." Rick spent a good part of his adolescence immersing himself in as much industry knowledge, reading and jobsite visits as he could while working as a draftsman's hand-drafting drawings of pile hammers with vellum and a pencil. Then at 16 years old, Rick Sadler started his own pile driving business selling hammers in the Caribbean. By 18 years old, he was paying his way through college at University of North Florida. After school and continuing his career in the pile driving construction world, Rick Sadler decided to take his contractor hat off. He decided to begin an equipment sales career to best assist clients in the pile driving industry.  

In 2000, Rick joined the ICE® Team as Regional Sales in the north east USA and has grown into a remarkably dedicated trainer and team member while developing and teaching those around him. When you ask Rick Sadler about how he feel about our team at ICE® he will share with you, "... the great thing about our team and management at ICE® is we are there for each other and everyone has always been there for me." Rick Sadler continues to explain that, "...over the years at ICE®, I have seen a lot of people working hard to accomplish really great things for the driven pile industry and they do this by focusing on client needs. You know this work is in good faith as they are genuinely good, honest people, family, my family."  

ICE® is very proud of Rick Sadler's commitment to his team, loyalty to his colleagues and diligence in his vested interest. "The combination of skills and willingness to share these skills and knowledge make Rick Sadler an inspiration to others in our industry", explains Pollyanna Cunningham, Director of Marketing, Brand & Media Relations. "Rick has a true passion for helping people, sharing his knowledge, ... and telling really great stories along the way."  

Congratulations on your 20-years! 

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