Pile Driving

Excavator-Mounted Hammers

Model 6E-SG (ROTO_ICE)

Eccentric moment
545 in-lbs
Maximum frequency
2500 vpm
Maximum centrifugal force
48 tons
Amplitude (free w/o clamp)
0.36 in
Line pull for extracting
25 tons
Crowd capability
25 tons
Bottom Clamp Force
N|A tons
Weight of Bottom Clamp
N|A tons
Weight with standard clamp
6250 lbs
Non-vibrating Weight
3260 lbs
Height overall (HH)
98 in
Height to top without clamp (H)
76 in
Length (L)
49 in
Width (W)
53 in
Throat width (TW)
32.18 in
Maximum pressure
4640 psi
Maximum flow
52.84015852 gpm
Maximum power
143.4893389 HP