ICE® Supports Our Truck Drivers

ICE® Supports Our Truck Drivers
Iowa 80 Fuel Tanks 

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On the eastern edge of Iowa in the small town of Walcott, you will find a road trip stop like no other. The Iowa 80 Truckstop is the largest of its kind in the world, serving as a gathering ground for truck drivers and a fun destination for travelers. Other than refueling services, amenities at the truck stop include a trucking museum with 100 trucks on display, a 300-seat restaurant, a workout room, a barber shop, a dentist, and countless other activities that entertain around 5,000 customers a day. 

Generally, underground fuel tanks function normally for at least 20 years before they need repairing or replacement. If plants around the tank are dying, or patches of rainbow colors appear on puddled water near the tank, then this could signal a leakage that is contaminating soil and underground water supplies. Preventative maintenance of fuel tanks is crucial for avoiding serious environmental hazards and protecting human health. 

After conducting routine inspections, management at the Iowa 80 Truckstop decided to replace its fuel tanks that are starting to show their age. The contractor for this project selected the ICE® 22D Vibratory Driver/Extractor to install sheet pile around the area of the aging tanks so that dirt would not collapse on the crew while they dig up and remove the tanks safely. This lightweight pile driver provides just enough driving force for a job of this size and can do it in a developed area without disturbing the surrounding buildings. Once completed, the ICE® 22D was utilized once again to carefully pull the sheets back out after the new tanks were set in. International Construction Equipment, Inc is proud to help restore a part of a facility that many American truckers consider a home away from home, not to mention helping to keep the construction crew, truck stop employees and visitors safe! 

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