Vibration Isolation at Historic Park

Dampening the Vibrations at Historic Laurel Hill Park

Editor: Ashley Steele 

The dock inside the Laurel Hill Park was unstable due to deteriorating wood pilings.  This dock is used by visitors to kayak and enjoy entry into the Hackensack River in Hudson County, New Jersey.  Laurel Hill Park is considered the "ideal open space in Hudson County's portion of the Meadowlands." 

T. R. Weniger, Inc. took on the job of replacing the damaged pilings, replacing them with two new wood piles.  They utilized an ICE® 14 Vibratory Driver/Extractor and an ICE® 40 Damper.  The damper creates secondary suppression to alleviate vibrations on the crane.  The ICE® 14 Vibratory Hammer already has dampening created by elastomers that sit on top of the suppressor housing.  These elastomers act as the first line of defense against unnecessary vibration of the crane and boom.  The ICE® 40 Damper is a 2D dampening solution, utilizing the same elastomers that are featured in the hammers to include more vibration isolation.  Many hydraulic crane operators call for these solutions to help salvage the life of their cranes. 

Weniger's crane operator was extremely satisfied with the use of the vibratory hammer, as well as the damper, for use with the hydraulic Liehbierr crane.  After the dock was repaired it is once again ready to welcome visitors into the beautiful Hackensack River. 

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