ICE® Saves the Trout

ICE® Saves the Trout
Editor Alix Bemis

Caribou Springs, LLC provides sensible, sustainable, and economically viable watershed solutions which include planning, permitting, implementing, and monitoring of stream restoration and enhancement projects. Caribou Springs LLC is pictured here using an ICE® Model 14 Vibratory Pile Hammer and an ICE® Model 40 Clamp to drive inverted trees on the Connecticut Watershed at Israel River. These renewable timber driving efforts were done to increase river depth, maintain water temperature, and propagate Trout spawning. 

Freshwater systems have been slowly degrading globally. There is a growing awareness of the value of healthy water systems and the need to adapt to ongoing climate disruptions. Impairments in mainstream rivers and temperature warming trends may mean cold-water species like Trout are unable to be sustained year-round which has led to an increased focus on holistically enhancing and protecting freshwater systems to provide refuge and restore a natural and functioning ecosystem for these aquatic species. 

Construction equipment, like ICE® Vibratory Pile Hammers, can be utilized to make enhancing and protecting freshwater systems and habitats an easy and seamless process. 

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