Lane Con Makes Drivers’ Dreams Come True

Lane Con Makes Drivers' Dreams Come True
Theme Park Fans, Rejoice! Florida "Main Street" to be Expanded
Editor: Allison Braswell

If a family is heading to Central Florida for a vacation, chances are that they are visiting at least one of the fun-packed theme parks in Orlando such as Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld. But, with increased travel comes worsening road congestion on Florida's Turnpike (SR 91). 

With over 500 miles of toll roads, the Turnpike accommodates over three million motorists every day, which is a combination of tourists and residents. Between April 2020 and April 2021, an astounding 329,717 new residents were recorded by the Sunshine State, consequently dragging out wait times at traffic signals and intensifying driving headaches. FDOT recognized the need for more capacity on the Turnpike and decided to take actions that would save the sanity of 9-to-5 workers and parents of excited little ones. 

Commissioned by FDOT, Lane Construction was awarded the $218 million contract to widen the Turnpike Mainline from Orlando to I-75, adding two more lanes in each direction for eight lanes. Other work includes establishing new bridge structures, tolling sites, intelligent traffic systems, and stormwater treatment facilities. Residents look forward to experiencing less congestion and improved regional commuting upon the project's completion. The Turnpike's role as a pivotal hurricane evacuation route will also benefit from the upgrades. 

Before building the new bridge structures, the Lane team utilized an ICE® I-62 Diesel Impact Hammer to drive concrete test pile, 24" (in) in diameter and 75' (ft) in length, to determine the load that the pile can support without settling. Next, they deployed an ICE® 44E Vibratory Hammer to drive steel sheet piles in the form of a template. This template provides support and accuracy as they drive both the pipe pile and concrete piles. Installs were first secured by the 44E and then followed up with the I-62 to drive to their specified depth. Using the versatility of the vibratory hammer's driving and pulling features, sheets for a cofferdam were also installed to improve the timing and cleanliness for the excavation sites.  

Congratulations to Lane Construction for your winning bid on this important project. International Construction Equipment, Inc is elated to have been chosen to help you lay the foundation for a better future for all Floridians and its visitors. 

Learn more about the ICE® I-62V2 and ICE® 44E


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