Model 2 Repels Rising Seas

Model 2 Repels Rising Seas
Editor: Allison Braswell

Every summer since 1895, families of East Providence, RI take a spin on the Crescent Park Looff Carousel, a National Historical Landmark that neighbors Rose Larisa Memorial Park. This waterfront park included a seawall that supported several walking paths overlooking the bay, but strong wave action and rising sea levels due to storms over the years have caused the seawall to deteriorate and ultimately fall apart. Without the wall in place, the wearing away of the land has the Looff wooden horses shaking in their shoes. 

Coastal erosion is not a gradual process, it's sporadic, dependent on periodic instances of violent weather. Low-lying U.S. states like Rhode Island are composed of loose deposits of sandy out-wash, which put them in the cross-hairs for erosion when a big storm hits. Considering the unpredictability of these weather conditions, Rhode Island Coastal Management is racing to keep the smallest state from getting any smaller. 

It was determined that a new seawall at Rosa Larisa Park was needed right away to prevent further damage to the shoreline. MAS Building & Bridge of Norfolk, MA is removing the old wall, setting revetment stone, and constructing a new granite block wall. The team was recommended the ICE® Model 2 Vibratory Hammer to drive 180 deposit sheets of 27' (ft) length to form the wall and ensure long-term structural stability. The simple and compact design of the Model 2 allows light-weight sheets and other materials to be driven with the perfect amount of force to secure it firmly in the ground without any risk of breakage, which made it ideal for this job. 

By combining MAS's technical know-how and the reliability of ICE®'s pile driving solutions, the City of East Providence can continue to maintain safe and enjoyable recreation areas like the Looff Carousel for its citizens and tourists. Nice work MAS for helping to protect Rhode Island's national treasures! 

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