Supporting Clean Energy in NJ

Supporting Clean Energy in New Jersey
Editor: Allison Braswell

Built in 2005, the Jersey Atlantic Wind Farm is the first wind farm to be built in New Jersey, and the first coastal wind farm in the United States. It consists of five 380-foot turbines capable of producing a combined 7.5 megawatts of power, which is enough emission-free energy to power around 2,500 homes. About 60% of the energy is used for the electricity needs of the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) Wastewater Treatment Plant, with the remainder going to the main regional power grid. The wind farm provides long-term energy savings and has become quite an attraction for schoolchildren, day trippers, and international visitors alike. 

Regular maintenance is essential to keep these turbines turning. To help facilitate this important job, there is a loading spot for boats just across from the wind farm to bring over the supplies for conducting inspections and repairs. However, coastal erosion brought on by the effects of the recent Hurricane Ian has altered a substantial portion of the Jersey coastline, from the north end of Avalon to Ocean City and Atlantic City. To restore the eroded land, it was determined that a permanent barrier between the shoreline and the water to absorb strong wave energy upon impact would be built, helping to preserve a safe area for service-members of the wind farm to park their boats. 

Local New Jersey contractor, Arthur R. Henry, Inc., who specializes in both civil and marine construction, is working to prevent further erosion of the loading spot by building a bulkhead wall; which is very similar to a retaining wall as they have the same functionality. The difference however is that a retaining wall has earth on both sides of the wall, whereas a bulkhead retains earth on one side of the wall and has water on the other side. The Arthur Henry team wisely knew their ICE sales and service team would have the best equipment for the job. After a short discussion it was determined that the ICE® 28D Vibratory Hammer would be best for driving the 30' and 40' (ft) sheets to form the wall and they were not disappointed, as the ICE® 28D's stroke ability of 120 tons made the task of installing these sheets a breeze! 

Thank you to the Arthur Henry team for partnering with International Construction Equipment, Inc. to support the upkeep of this valuable renewable energy source. We are elated to have been able to meet your expectations, thus helping you keep this important project on time and on budget.  

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