Congratulations Mike Douglas! 20 years with ICE®

ICE® 20-years of Service  ~ Mike Douglas ~ ICE® Engineering: 20-years and counting  Editor: Debbie Reaney After earning his master's degree in mechanical engineering, Michael Douglas was asked to join our team as an apprentice working under the pile driving master, Tony Last. In 2000, over twenty years ago, Douglas was assigned into a full-time staff engineering role.  As quality began to slip at J&M Foundation Equipment, LLC, on the ICE® smal ... Read more

Congratulations Rick Sadler! 20 years with ICE®

ICE® 20-years of Service  ~ Rick Sadler ~ Rick Sadler is a valuable team member, trainer, innovator, and friend to all who know him. ICE® is thankful and proud of his service within the ICE® New Jersey Service, Sales & Rentals Branch for over 20 years.   "Since I was 10 years old and was allowed to ride the crane hook from the bridge to the barge, I knew I would work in the pile driving industry," Sadler explained. "There was never a dull moment shadowing wit ... Read more

Congratulations Tony Graham! 20 years with ICE®

ICE® 20-years of Service  ~Tony Graham~ Tony Graham joined the ICE® team over 20 years ago, transitioning from a sister company after determining that working as a wick installation contractor was not what he really wanted to do. Graham grew up in the pile driving industry. At 17-years old, he had a part-time job working with pile driving equipment. Early in Graham's ICE® professional career, he was recognized as a natural talent when servicing a variety of innovative deep foun ... Read more

Congratulations Kris Young! 20 years with ICE®

20 Years with ICE®  -Kris Young-   Kris Young is celebrating 20 years as a Service Technician with International Construction Equipment®.  Born in Rising Sun, Indiana, he attended school to become a race car mechanic, starting his career with the Ford Motor Company at a dealership. Kris found himself branching out into the construction industry when he started as a Service Technician with the ICE® drilling family in November of 2001.  Jumping headfirst int ... Read more

Congratulations Marvin Inniss! 20 years with ICE®

ICE® 20-years of Service ~Marvin Inniss~ Marvin Inniss, current ICE® Service Manager, has been an integral team member at the ICE® New Jersey Service, Sales & Rentals Branch for over 20 years.  Just after completing high school, Inniss joined the US military where he served our country for 4 years. After he was honorably discharged, Marvin pushed himself to become a top-tier diesel mechanic by attending a local technical school. It was Inniss's drive to be the best in ... Read more

Congratulations Matt Patrum! 20 years with ICE®

20 Years with ICE®  -Matt Patrum-   Matt Patrum has now dedicated 20 years of his professional career to International Construction Equipment® and has not only had a positive impact on the systems used in the daily assembly of the world class machines, but the people as well. Originally born in North Wilkesboro and growing up in Charlotte, his initial introduction to the construction equipment industry didn't come until later maneuvering through his passion for automot ... Read more