Caught, in an Act of Kindness

Rick Sadler of ICE presenting TV to mechanic
Inspiring Act

Regional Sales and Service Manager, Rick Sadler, was invited to attend a client's Labor Day cookout. He was so thankful for the invite and further amazed that this team entered him into their employee raffle. To Rick's astonishment, he won the grand prize: a 43" 4K TV. 

On his way out, Rick noticed that one of the senior mechanics had not picked up his name badge and had missed the party. Turns out this guy was holding down the fort on the Fenway Center Project in Boston, MA.  

Of course, if you know Rick Sadler, you know what happens next...  

Rick Sadler drives to the Fenway Center job site and surprises the missing employee with the new TV.

"It was very nice that Rick thought of me," explained the senior mechanic, "When you are just a normal person who goes to work and gets paid to do a job, you do not expect anything else. I was not expecting this at all!" He added that it felt like Christmas morning when he brought the gift home. "My kids are super thrilled. They celebrated with a sleepover, and everybody had the TV to play with."

ICE, Inc would like everyone to give a huge shout out in recognition to Rick Sadler! 

Nice work, Rick! You are truly an inspiration to all.  

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