Protecting our ground water for future generations

ICE ® Comacchio Rig aids in saving our environment

 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) has the responsibility of evaluating physical and environmental risks presented by former manufactured gas plants (aka MGP)Testing was done on soil and groundwater at the vacant K-Babylon site to determine contamination levels post usageThe results required immediate expertise to resolve elevated ground-based contaminants. 

is small parcel has been posted and remains cut off from public use or passage. The formal remediation plan to remove the harmful toxins and prevent chemicals moving laterally was placed in the hands of an expert, Geo-Solutions. This team of experts at Geo-Solutions has begun work to
 solidify the soils with a proprietary grouting process and cut off walls to ensure complete encapsulation of the contaminatesTheir process will help ensure the ground water remains safe from contaminates leeching.

chose to drill and mix the soils and grouts with the highly versatile, multipurpose, large diameter Comacchio CH450 provided by ICE
®'s vast rental fleetThis self-erecting rig, CH450, was equipped with a 9-foot (9') soil mixing blade. The process entailed this rig drilling 40' deep repeatedly for in-situ solidification of soils, which overall was approximately 1,300 cubic yards of treated soil. Congratulations to Geo-Solutions for the successful solidification process, as they have protected the surrounding groundwater and restored the integrity of this parcel for future use.  

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