I-495/ I-90 Improvements Project

I-495/ I-90 Improvements Project
Edited by Alan Zimmerman 

As Massachusetts continues to grow, it is not surprising that the I-495 and I-90 interchange needs to be renovated to improve the flow of traffic and commuters' safety. With heavy traffic volume and sharp turns, the area can create a recipe for disaster. On an average day, I-495 carries approximately 110,000 vehicles and I-90 will carry 100,000 vehicles. This important interchange connecting the highways is used by nearly half of freight trucks entering eastern Massachusetts, serving as a major junction for commuter traffic; with approximately 75,000 vehicles using the interchange every day. The project will eliminate the old toll booth area (on the Pike) and weaving areas, all while working with an extremely sensitive environmental resource area and the various neighborhoods close by. 

J.F. White, a multi-disciplined contractor, with strengths in heavy/civil, design/build, electrical, mechanical, and deep foundation systems have been chosen as a subcontractor to oversee renovations that will improve the safety and traffic conditions of the interchange. J.F. White and MassDOT are focusing on reducing the crashes in the project area for all movements. Another problem being addressed is the recurring congestion within the interchange along with the potentially dangerous queuing extending from the main lines of I-90 and I-495. Addressing these issues will help bring down the crash rate in this area which is nearly double the state average.  

To help construct this project, J.F. White used an ICE® 44E Vibratory Hammer and an ICE® IP-7 Hydraulic Impact Hammer configured with an ICE ® 48 Off-Shore Leader. The powerful 44E was first used to place 36" pipe piles into position, followed by the ICE ® IP-7 to drive the pipes down to bedrock. This project is currently over a wetland, so a temporary work trestle was also necessary. An ICE® 28 Vibratory Hammer is being used to build the temporary access bridge while the new roadway is being completed. At the same time, the ICE ®28 is also being utilized to create a temporary cofferdam, driving sheet pile to create a safe and dry working area for the J.F. crew. This project is just in the beginning phase and is expected to be completed in early 2027. 

International Construction Equipment (ICE®) is honored to be supporting J.F. White with this ongoing project. Amazing work, J.F. White! The upgrade to this critical artery for commerce and transportation across the Commonwealth will certainly improve commuters' travel and safety for generations to come and will ease some of the "pains" as Massachusetts continues to expand.  


Learn more about the ICE® 44E and ICE® IP7.  


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