Beaumont Wharf Expansion on the Horizon

Beaumont Wharf Expansion on the Horizon  

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The City of Beaumont, TX celebrated breaking ground at Riverfront Park, more than five years after Hurricane Harvey devastated the area in 2017 shuttering the facility. This $17 million restoration project will include rebuilding the park's pavilions, picnic tables, lighted benches, boat docking area, and walking paths. Approximately 90 miles east of Houston and 60 miles west of Louisiana, Beaumont has over 115,000 residents and is considered by some to be the "Golden Triangle," due to its coastal location and potential for unlimited growth. 

In early 2023, local government officials selected Galveston-based construction company, Callan Marine Ltd., to lead the Riverfront Park reconstruction project which broke ground in April. So far, the experts at Callan Marine have completed the installation of interlocking concrete mats for the revetment wall to protect against erosion of the bank on the north side of the park as well as completing a large outfall structure that stabilizes two large storm lines that run through the park and discharge into the Neches River. A substantial part of this job is being completed from barges, which can be a challenge. However, Callan is a specialty marine contractor, making them a perfect fit for this project. The company will also be tweaking some drainage under the park as they go through the construction process.  

Currently, the dredging needed for the area is 59% complete and the installation of a bulkhead wall to protect the bank is in process. An ICE® IP-10 Hydraulic Impact Hammer powered by an ICE® 350 hydraulic power unit and fitted with 120' (Ft) of 36" (In) swinging leads was used to drive 18" (In) pipe piles using custom pile cradles to support the weight of pile and hold it in place while hammer drives at angle, placing them on a 1 to 1 batter to help stabilize and support the wall for the Beaumont Wharf Expansion. Twenty-five (25) of the required ninety-eight (98) batter piles were driven as of January 2024, and about 84' (Ft) of water was installed, connecting the batter piles together and providing support for the sheet pile wall. Simultaneously, an ICE® 50B Vibratory Hammer paired with an ICE® 595H Power Unit has made driving the sheet pile work a smooth and straightforward process, with eleven pairs of sheet piles already installed. 

As only 550 calendar days are allotted for this project and a tentative completion date of September 6, 2024, time is of the essence. However, the dedicated crews at Callan have been running on time and within budget and will soon be using other deep foundation equipment for marine dolphin installation as well as pile for the new dock and bulkhead along the river shoreline. Congratulations, Callan Marine and thank you for trusting the International Construction Equipment (ICE®) Sales & Service Team to provide the tools needed to complete this project in a safe and prompt manner. Your skill and performance with specialty dredging projects and knowledge of berthing depth restoration for ship docks and navigation channels will surely ease transportation in our nation's waterways and bring an economic boost to the coast of West Texas.  


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