Congratulations Mike Douglas! 20 years with ICE®

ICE® 20-years of Service 
~ Mike Douglas ~

ICE® Engineering: 20-years and counting 

Editor: Debbie Reaney

After earning his master's degree in mechanical engineering, Michael Douglas was asked to join our team as an apprentice working under the pile driving master, Tony Last. In 2000, over twenty years ago, Douglas was assigned into a full-time staff engineering role. 

As quality began to slip at J&M Foundation Equipment, LLC, on the ICE® smaller vibratory product line and manufacturing was increasing in the Matthews, NC facility, Douglas and C. Cunningham (CEO) developed a plan to move all machine shop production and manufacturing production into Matthew's NC headquarters. Douglas remembers the sense of relief now being able to focus on quality improvements and less on coordination of parts and pieces for assembly. "We took a huge step forward in our client offerings... outstanding production maneuverability to handle custom setups, faster parts turnaround with online ordering and excelled with our new testing procedures." Douglas wore many hats during this transition and was extremely focused on optimizing ICE®'s manufacturing by enabling solutions that included engineering with similar and universal part replacements.  

Using over-engineered parts as part of our standardization, Douglas has lowered costs for ICE® clients while influencing service efficiency.  After moving manufacturing into the home office, ICE® continued to make strides by expanding with a new and vast machine shop, further enhancing quality of parts and customization abilities. "It is much easier to talk to the team face to face and put your hands on the equipment than to head off premise to another facility," Douglas explains. 

Over the course of his 20-year career at ICE®, Douglas has contributed to the way we all drive pile. His ingenuity is displayed in all our innovative and cost-effective methods and equipment. Our team feels his impact everyday as he fluently works with suppliers, ICE® team innovation leaders and our clients to produce efficient and effective tools specific to the deep foundation industry in its entirety. "Our team is the key factor in what differentiates ICE® from others in this industry and we believe this is central to our advancement," C. Cunningham, CEO, explains. "Thank you, Mr. Douglas, for your years of service. Here is a "hats-off" to you and many more innovations." 

We are proud to have Michael Douglas leading our engineers into the deep foundation future.  

Congratulations on your 20 years!

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