Foundation For a Farm-Fresh Future

Foundation For a Farm-Fresh Future 

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Since 1918, farmer-owners of the fifth largest dairy cooperative in the U.S., Darigold, have valued their work in producing high-quality, nutritious dairy products. Headquartered in Seattle, WA, Darigold has 11 milk processing plants scattered across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana that collectively produce over 10 billion pounds (about 4535920000 kg) of farm-fresh milk each year. Dairy farmers of the Pacific Northwest have recently gained more from rising global dairy demand than domestic demand due to their proximity to global shipping infrastructure. Meanwhile in the U.S., families are still being affected by the 2022 infant formula shortage--As the uncertainty of consistent formula supply has risen, so has the demand for it. For these reasons, additional space for milk product manufacturing is now required for Darigold to meet both domestic and international demands. 

With the help of Michels Construction, a family owned and operated construction company out of Brownsville, WI, the organization's 400 dairy farm family owners are welcoming its largest facility for making powdered milk products. Michels Construction, a leader in innovative construction solutions since 1959, is laying the foundation for a state-of-the-art milk processing plant in Pasco, WA. So far, the Michels crew is using an ICE® D-50 Diesel Impact Hammer to drive 14" (in)-diameter H-beams that will create structural support for the facility. Set to begin operation in early 2024, the $600 million plant will have the capacity to process 8 million pounds (about 3628736 kg) of milk per day, utilizing its two specialized milk dryers, two butter churns, and about a dozen packaging lines for powdered milk and butter products. The project is expected to create about 300 new on-site jobs for managers and technicians and more at the 100 surrounding dairy farms that will produce the milk to supply the plant. Furthermore, with the implementation of innovative technology and conservation strategies, Darigold will alleviate carbon emissions by 300,000 metric tons annually. 

Washington State looks forward to the expected economic growth following the project, as the dairy industry continues to lead the region's agricultural sector. International Construction Equipment, Inc is proud that its American-made deep foundation products were selected by Michels to support this huge investment in the city of Pasco and the future of farm-fresh dairy worldwide. Congratulations Michels Construction, your consistent dedication to quality and safety makes you the "cream" of the crop! 

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