ICE® 7E Side Gripping the Future

Editor: Ashley Steele 

Heavy rains and drastic weather patterns are always wreaking havoc on the wastewater infrastructure in the northeast and especially in Maryland. The WSSC Water department is working to get approval for a massive overhaul of the water and wastewater lines. Within the 11,000 miles of pipe, over 45% is 50- years or older. The combination of aging of the pipes and environmental impacts is cause enough to replace this water and sewer infrastructure. 

The Schnabel Foundation Company is currently working on one such project in Fort Washington, MD. A sewage line that has already been displaced slightly by a mudslide is their first task. To keep the pipe from moving any further, Schnabel drove thirty-eight 35' H-Beam piles to reinforce the position of this line. The ground condition could not be configured into a safe working platform and therefore was not suitable for a crane hung solution.  

Schnabel equipment experts turned to ICE® for an excavator mounted unit. An ICE® 7E Side Grip Excavator-Mounted Pile Driver was delivered already attached to a CAT 329 Excavator. The excavator-mounted unit was a smart addition as the excavator tracking was the right amount of stabilization necessary to safely handle the work. ICE ex-models are a smart alternative when ground conditions cannot support normal crane set-ups.  

Schnabel's expert operators in combination with the already assembled Ex-unit enhanced the job to get to completion before any more environmental factors displace the pipe. ICE® is proud to provide leading industry innovation when contractors and operators are as skilled and versatile as this team proved to be. Thank you to Schnabel for entrusting us with the timely solution to your install team. 

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