ICE & Ultralum complete Billboard #37

ICE & Ultralum complete Billboard #37 
Edited by: Alan Zimmerman

All great businesses and brands come from excellent marketing practices. Being able to reach numerous people to spread a message or promote a business is vital to sustainable growth. One of the more traditional and effective ways to grab the attention of people is using a billboard for commuters to see. More importantly, the specific spot the billboard is placed in is super important in terms of its effectiveness. Would you want to place a billboard on a road that is hardly traveled or a road that catches thousands of eyes hourly?  

Ultra-Lum, who specialize in billboard installation, servicing the northeast since 1998, were recently given the task of installing a billboard off Route 8 near Interstate 95 (I-95) in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This highly traveled area makes the perfect spot for a future business to promote itself. Route 8 goes through the downtown vicinity of Bridgeport with easy access to and from I-95 allowing an infinite number of people to view the billboard. The contractor used an ICE® 44 Vibratory Hammer to complete the installation of the billboard, utilizing the hammer to drive a 60(in) x .625 x 42'(Ft) cassion into the ground 29' (Ft) to create a safe and secure foundation. Hard driving was encountered at 25' (Ft) creating a challenge for Ultra-Lum to finish the project. After speaking with their ICE® Sales & Service Team, a solution was determined.  To vibrate through the last 4' ft of bedrock the Ultra-Lum crew's rented ICE® power unit throttle was turned down to 1400rpm which allowed the hammer to push through without overheating. Even though this process took 40 minutes to drive that last 4 ft, it also made this project safer by maintaining the optimum operating temperature of the hammer and the entire job was completed in under 3 hours! 

This was International Construction Equipment, Inc. (ICE®) and Ultra-Lum's 37th project together! We are Honored to work with such a great partner and are very excited to continue completing projects in the future. Way to go Ultra-Lum!  

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