50ZR Saves the Sewer Line

Delaware Bridge Replacement  

Almost one-hundred (100) years from the original construction of the James Street Bridge, in Newport, is getting an overhaul while grappling with the notion of its failing sewer systems.  Newport is 100% focused on putting its best bridge forward by updating frequently used transportation arteries. Mumford & Miller Concrete, Inc was awarded a $15 million contract to replace one of these especially important bridges that has nearly made one-hundred years of service. With regulations and sanitary sewer protection zones to protect the failing sewer systems, this job was not as simple as a standard bridge install.  
Mumford & Miller choose to use an ICE® 50ZR Vibratory Driver /Extractor to drive sheet piles to create a specialized barrier from the existing sewer lines. To avoid perceived notion of disruption to these sewer lines, which were next to the existing bridge, the client chose the ICE® 50ZR for its Zero Resonance at startup and shutdown, like putting your car in gear on a steep incline without any jolt. The ICE® 50ZR preformed all installs quickly, with zero disruptions to the sewer and with very precise accuracy, without tolerances. Noise levels were never a topic while as using this vibratory driver / extractor with the community, even with the placement so close to housing developments.  
Completion date for the 5-span 394' replacement bridge is set for September 12 of 2022.  Congratulations to the ICE® team for helping to drive Delaware into the future.  
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