Wagman Helps Improve Delaware Interchange

Wagman Helps Improve Delaware Interchange 

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A massive, $284-million interchange project will alter future passenger and freight movement on the East Coast. Along the Mid-Atlantic section of I-95, DelDOT is making numerous improvements to Delaware's segment of the nation's longest north-south Interstate. Geometric design changes, structure rehabilitation, new signage and pavement, roadway widening, and much more will ease congestion and reduce frequency of accidents on State Route 896, the main exit for the University of Delaware  This section also serves as a critical part of the local, regional, and national multimodal system within northern Delaware, supporting connections such as: Amtrak; SEPTA; CSXT; and Philadelphia International, BWI, Wilmington Philadelphia Regional and New Castle Airports.  SR 896 is also the primary north-south route for traffic travelling to and from the City of Newark from areas to the south, such as Glasgow, the US 40 corridor, and Middletown. Of the 127,000 vehicles that travel this part of the I-95 Interstate each day, 60% of those use SR 896 interchange to enter and exit the highway. 

Wagman Heavy Civil was selected as the contractor for this integral project and has been making infrastructure improvements along the highly traveled I-95 corridor on the east coast for the last several years. Past and current projects have included: VDOT's I-95 over the Meherrin and Rappahannock Rivers, MD SHA's I-95/I-495 Woodrow Wilson Bridge Approaches and I-95/I-695 Repair of Ten Bridges; MDTA's I-95 Deck Rehabilitation of 28 bridges in Baltimore and their Express Toll Lanes program including the I-95/I-695 and MD 152 Interchange Reconstruction. They have also been selected to work on the most current phase of the project, recently constructing and opening a new temporary ramp from I-95 Southbound to SR 896 Northbound. The temporary ramp has allowed the team to build new off ramps that include improved overpasses and ten mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls. Commonly seen on highways and other high-volume traffic areas, these walls contain structural backfill materials that serve as the main retaining force. The backfill is reinforced by either steel or geosynthetic materials in the form of ladders or straps, which compress the materials and keep them from shifting. The walls' exterior helps to prevent erosion of the soil reinforcement and backfill. Stormwater management (SWM) ponds are also underway, which collect rainwater that runs over the impermeable roadways. Not only does this keep water from accumulating on the roads, but it also allows any pollutants or sediments to settle before the water is released back into the watershed. Structure rehabilitation, asphalt and concrete paving, new sign structures, drainage improvement, as well as a shared use path for pedestrians and bicyclists, and roadway widening for ramps are also included in this design/build project.  

Phase 2 A officially broke ground in May of 2023 with the Wagman crew utilizing an ICE® I-46V2 Diesel Impact Hammer to drive the H-beams to support a new flyover off ramps on the Interstate from southbound Del. 896 to northbound I-95 and from southbound I-95 to southbound Del. 896. These flyovers will increase the distance between exit and entrance ramps, reducing the traffic weaving and adding a bit more safety to the area. Wagman crews are also using drilling equipment bought from ICE® a few years ago to place tie backs that will support the new pump station. Mid-November 2023, the contractor started shifting traffic on both I-95 NB and SB to allow for the construction of a bridge pier in the median of I-95, just south of SR 896. Simultaneously, the experts at Wagman are continuing to place the bridge foundations and piers throughout the project along with construction of the MSE walls. In response to local public feedback, the new interchange will also include a new 10-foot walking and bicycling path over I-95, running from Welsh Tract Road to Old Baltimore Pike with a concrete median separating cyclists and pedestrians from cars and according to city officials, will provide the "missing link" in bicycle connectivity in the area. Phase 2 completion is currently set for 2025, and the Wagman team is working ahead of schedule. International Construction Equipment, Inc. (ICE®) is grateful for the opportunity to help support your team on this important infrastructure project and applauds your efforts. Fantastic work by this amazing team of professionals, as the modernization of this interchange will certainly improve safety for the thousands of people who travel through this area every day. 

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