New Fenders to Fuel the World

New Fenders to Fuel the World
Chevron Oil Refinery Marine Fenders
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Cargo ships can take up to ten hours to dock because of their vast size. With all the tedious maneuvering it takes to position the vessel in the berth, what keeps these marine giants from crashing into the dock? Collisions between ships and platforms or other installations in offshore oil and gas fields can have catastrophic effects, and as such is a cause of growing concern. That is why it is critical to use fender piles to protect your project and structures. 

Marine fender systems, or dolphins, are commonly stationed at sides of ports, harbors, and quay walls. They consist of rows of closely-spaced fender piles and rubber fender units that protect vessels and shoreline structures from considerable damage by absorbing collision energy when ships dock against the wall. While these setups are exceptionally reliable for efficient berthing, looking out for signs of wear and tear is a part of general upkeep. If the fender steel frame and support chains are corroded or the rubber unit is cracked, then the fender likely needs repair or replacement--which is the case at one of the top ten largest oil refineries in the U.S. (United States) located in Pascagoula, MS. 

As the only refinery on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the Chevron Pascagoula Oil Refinery is equipped with four marine terminals and eight berths where cargo of crude oil is discharged through pipelines to its 300+ storage tanks. It is in continuous operation (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) to produce essential transportation fuels such as motor petrol, diesel fuel, and LPG. To maintain productivity of docking and unloading their 800-foot-long oil tankers, the facility hired local contractor, Walters Diving & Marine, Inc, to reconstruct the fenders that were showing signs of age. After evaluating the weight of the pile, the Walters crew determined that the ICE® 200C Vibratory Driver would be ideal for the job. The 675-ton driving force of this mighty hammer made easy work of driving steel pipe pile 72" (in) in diameter and 110' (ft) in length. Due to its high strength and feasibility, and that they are more corrosion resistant in marine applications, steel piles are advantageous when driving in difficult seafloor conditions compared to timber or concrete.  

International Construction Equipment, Inc appreciates Walters Diving & Marine for the opportunity to help a leading energy provider continue to develop reliable, clean energy that enables human progress here in the United Sates and around the globe. 

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